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langes Glasfaserpolymer


lange glasfaserverstärkte Polyphenylensulfid-Einheiten

/LFT-Hochleistungs-modifizierte PPS-Füllung mit langen Glasfaserverbindungen, Muster verfügbar, naturweiß, 12 mm

LFT-Hochleistungs-modifizierte PPS-Füllung mit langen Glasfaserverbindungen, Muster verfügbar, naturweiß, 12 mm

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    Xiamen, China
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    Original color (also can be customized)
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    Xiamen, China
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Polyphenylene sulfide

PPS is one of the typical representatives of special engineering plastics, with a linear structure of alternating benzene rings and sulfur atoms. In the condensed structure, PPS is easy to crystallize, crystallinity of nearly 70%, therefore, has good thermal stability, chemical stability and dimensional stability, etc. PPS mainly has the following five performance advantages.

(1) excellent heat resistance. pps melting point of more than 280 ℃, heat deflection temperature of more than 260 ℃, and after high-temperature heat aging treatment, the strength retention rate is high.
(2) since the flame retardant. PPS itself has flame retardant, without adding flame retardants flame retardant level can reach UL94 V- 0 level.
(3) good mechanical properties. PPS is a brittle material, has good creep resistance, high surface hardness, good wear resistance, and carbon fiber and other materials compound, but also shows good self-lubricating properties.
(4) excellent chemical resistance, irradiation resistance. pps below 200 ℃ almost insoluble in any solvent, can withstand almost all inorganic substances, radiation dose up to 108Gy.
(5) good processing properties. pps melt viscosity is low, as the resin matrix of composite materials, for the reinforcement of the flow of excellent wetting effect. As PPS has the above performance advantages, and compared to other high-performance thermoplastic resins and easy processing, low cost, so become an excellent resin matrix for the manufacture of composite materials.

Long glass fiber

Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, is a natural mineral with silica as the main raw material, add specific metal oxide mineral raw materials, mixed evenly, molten at high temperature, molten glass liquid flow through the funnel outflow, in the role of high-speed pull gravitational force is drawn and rapidly cooled and cured into a very fine continuous fiber.

Glass fiber monofilament diameter from a few microns to more than twenty microns, equivalent to a hair of 1/20-1/5, each bundle of fiber original filament are composed of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments.

Glass fiber basic properties:
The appearance of a smooth cylindrical surface, the cross-section is a complete circle, round cross-section to withstand the load capacity; gas and liquid through the resistance is small, but the surface is smooth so that the holding force of the fiber is small, not conducive to the combination with the resin; density is generally in 2.50-2.70 g/cm3, depending mainly on the glass composition; tensile strength than other natural fibers, synthetic fibers to be high; brittle materials, the elongation at break is very small ; water resistance and acid resistance is good, while alkali resistance is poor.

It can be divided into continuous glass fiber, short glass fiber (SGF) and long glass fiber (LGF) by length classification. Long glass fiber is the most widely used glass fiber at present. And Xiamen LFT plastic composite company is focuses on the produce of long glass fiber compounds for many years.


1. The difference in size length
Engineering materials long glass fiber and short glass fiber, literally means the difference in size length; more common short glass fiber size is about 0.2mm-0.6mm between; long glass fiber size is about 6mm-25mm between.

2. Performance strength differences
Different lengths of glass fibers are different in their performance strength, the fiber length of long glass fibers in the composite material inside the impact strength than short glass fibers stronger.

3. Production process is different
Production of long glass fiber, high requirements for raw materials, especially the manufacturing process requires the surface of glass fiber to be activated, the processing can not be flooded with glass fibers, as well as external leakage phenomenon occurs. Production of short glass fiber, because the size is generally no special requirements, so the production is relatively easy, the requirements for raw materials are not so high, the production costs for manufacturers low.

4. Different production and processing methods
Long glass fiber production and processing methods generally use injection molding and molding; while most short glass fiber injection molding method.

Product process

TDS for reference only


Number Color Length Sample Packing MOQ Port of Loading Delivery time
PPS-NA-LGF40 Originalfarbe (oder nach Bedarf ) 12 mm (oder nach Bedarf) Verfügbar 25 kg/Beutel 25kg Hafen von Xiamen 7~15 Tage nach Versand

Warum uns wählen

1. Technische Parameter des LFT- und LFT-Materials und Spitzendesign

2. Formfrontdesign und Empfehlungen

3. Bieten Sie technische Unterstützung wie Spritzguss und Extrusionsformen.

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verwandte Produkte
verstärkte Polyphenylensulfid pps lange Glasfaser
lange glasfaserverstärkte Poly-Polyphenylensulfid-Einheiten
Polyphenylensulfid pps ist ein neuer Typ von Hochleistungsharzharzmodifiziertem Material
pps langes glasfaserverstärktes Polyphenylensulfid
Sulfid pps Poly Polyphenylensulfid lange Glasfaser maßgeschneiderte Fabrik Herstellung
Polyphenylensulfid pps ist eine neue Art von thermisch harzmodifiziertem Hochleistungsmaterial
verstärktes ppslong Glasfaserharz
Ingenieur Polyphenylensulfid pps gefüllt langglasfaserverstärkt
Ingenieur pps gefüllt langglasfaserverstärktist eine Art technischer Kunststoffe aus langglasfaserverstärktem pps
verstärktes ppslong Glasfaserharz
modifiziertes polyphenylensulfid pps gefüllt mit langen glasfasern verstärkt
Ingenieur pps gefüllt langglasfaserverstärktist eine Art technischer Kunststoffe aus langglasfaserverstärktem pps
Verstärkt PPSlong Glas-Faser-Harz
Polyphenylensulfid PPS Long Glass fiber Reinforced PPS Pellets
Ingenieur PPS gefüllt langglasfaserverstärktemist eine Art von engineering-modifeid Kunststoff-Materialien von long glass fiber reinforced PPS
Glasfaserverstärktem Polyphenylensulfid PPS long glass fiber
Poly Polyphenylensulfid PPS lgf
Polyphenylensulfid PPS ist eine neue Art von high-performance Thermo-resin-Harz-modifizierte material
china oem pps-polymer-Glasfaser pps lgf40 Granulat Rohstoff lieferant
pps-polymer-Glasfaser pps lgf40 Granulat Rohstoff
pps-polymer-Glasfaser pps lgf40 Granulat Rohstoff.
china oem pps-Harz Preis LGF40 Kunststoff-Granulat Hoher starr flammwidrig lieferant
pps-Harz Preis LGF40 Kunststoff-Granulat Hoher starr flammwidrig
pps resin price LGF40 plastic granule High rigid flame retardant which one is made in ourself industril.

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